Monday, 18 March 2013

How to wear: Varsity Cool

 Sports Lux has moved on, it's now got a cool, geeky student vibe!

American varsity jackets, NFL inspired T-shirts and high top trainers - American student look all over. All those years seeing American teens in films and TV shows, now you get to be one!

Outfit inspiration:

Outfit left
Cropped 92 top, Topshop £16
Star print tube skirt, Topshop £22
Pixel heart earrings, Topshop £8.50
Neon lined high tops, River Island £30
Outfit Middle
96 T-shirt, New Look £7.99
Star print denim shirts, River Island £30
Knee high socks, River Island £6
Red wedge high tops, River Island £40
Outfit Right
Jacket, River Island £45
Rip knee black jeans, Topshop £40
Gold tone eagle necklace, River Island £10
Textured heels, River Island £50
Like totally awesome!
AoT x