Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Colour Trend: Hello Green, where have you been?

Bold green is coming back!  H&M did a bold green/orange instore story at the start of Spring.  Now green seems to be popping up everywear.  Rich strong emerald and cool minty tones can be seen throughout the high st.  Bags and shoes especially seem to be flashing the green. 

It's a nice break from the tones of purples that have been around for ages. It's bold and feels great for spring.  Although purple is looking likely to come back for Autumn,  as Chanel and Chrsitopher Kane both featured it in their AW12 shows. 

Green goes with most colours and is great to add to an exsisting outfit to freshen it up. 

Satchel and bow necklace, Accessorize
'Spring Vibes' vest, H&M
Belts and shirt dress, H&M
Lace dress, River Island